Off Duty Firefighters Will Move LLC

​Fill our 26 ft truck  load and unload from and to a  single level house local west valley Full Truck $1500.00 .   1/4 truck $500. 1/2 truck $750. 3/4 truck $1100.

extra stops add $50.

Firefighter Movers Sun City west surprise Peoria AZ

Call TOday: 623 206 2033      OFFDUTYfirefighterswillmove@gMAILcom

                                                                  load / unload your rental truck

 If We Load your rental truck and you drive it in state or out of state, were not responsible for damages as we have no control how it was driven.


Our Services                                         

One bedroom apartments start at                 $500.

Small Houses start at                                   $650.

Load or unload 16 ft rental truck or Pod       $500. 

Load or unload 24 or 26 ft rental truck         $700.

Add $100.00 on to any ABF or U pack trailer. 

Charge for stairs on any job  per house       $200 -  $300.

​Piano and organs (we move uprights only)  $125 to 175 call for price.

Refrigerators $150 minimum for newer bottom freezer type                                                  $ 100.  garage to garage  $75. if going inside and doors need removed    

 Packing: $40. per/hr per packer plus supplies